May 13, 2020 - UPDATE

SPECIAL REGULATIONS: ***** Fourth Amended Emergency Proclamation *****as of May 13, 2020 Additional Restrictions Within The Borough


  • The parking restrictions listed in the 4.30.20 third amended proclamation are hereby rescinded. No parking ban or on street parking restriction will be in place during the times mentioned.
  • Ocean Avenue and the diagonal parking at the 0-100 block of Trenton Blvd. will remain at 50 % parking occupancy until further notice. (every other spot)
  • As necessary, additional traffic limitations will be enacted

Construction/Saturday Work:

  • The construction work/landscaping work prohibited on Saturday May 16, 2020 as listed in the third amended proclamation on 4.30.20 is hereby recinded.


  • To open for beachfront operations on Memorial Day Weekend in accordance with state and DOH guidelines forthcoming
  • Active recreation only restriction continues until 5.20.20. On 5.20.20 the active recreation restriction is hereby rescinded and beach will remain open for use in accordance with Borough regulations and Beachfront ordinances.  Social distancing measures will remain in effect and will be strictly enforced. No group activities are permitted 
  • Additional control measures to be instituted prior to MDW for crowd control, social distancing
  • Curfew for Beach - dusk through dawn effective 5.15.20 until further notice.
  • Boardwalk- to remain closed through Memorial Day weekend – Social distancing signage will be placed at entrance ways 
  • All beach access points will be accessible as of 5.15.20.  Limited access point restrictions listed above in the first and third amended proclamations dated 3.26.20 and 4.30.20 are hereby rescinded.  Crowd control measures if needed will be enacted or access points closed if social distancing, executive orders in regards to gathering in large groups  and Borough regulations are not adhered to 
  • Bathrooms – bathrooms closed as per the initial emergency proclamation on 3.16.20 are to remain closed with the exception of beachfront bathrooms at the pavilion, and will open in accordance with beachfront operating times. 

Short Term Rentals:

  • The restrictions placed on short term rentals from the 4.30.20 third amended proclamation are hereby rescinded.  The short term rental restriction will remain in effect through the original date of  5.31.20 as listed in the second emergency proclamation dated 4.8.20.

Recreation Programs/Recreation Space

  • Baltimore Park Field – In conformance EO133 NO group activities allowed, fields remain closed until group activities are permitted.
  • Baltimore Park playground and courts – in conformance with EO133 remain closed
  • Tennis Courts – in conformance with EO 133 remain closed
  • Paddle Tennis Courts – in conformance with EO133 remain closed
  • Rec Programs – in conformance with EO133 remain closed until further guidance from the state and  EO107/133
  • Beach Volleyball Courts – in conformance remain closed pending further guidance from the state and EO107
  • Picnic Areas – remain closed pending further guidance from the state – Individual tables maybe placed following social distancing guidelines if deemed necessary

Special Events – cancelled through 6.15.20 per guidance prohibiting group activities