Emergency Planning at Home - Family Preparedness

Disasters usually occur suddenly and without warning and can be devastating to families who are not prepared. We suggest that you have a family emergency plan should unexpected severe weather or loss of essential services come about. To assist you with your preparation, we have listed several suggestions below.

  • Your family emergency plan should include basic safety measures, emergency phone numbers and plans to stay with friends or relatives should an evacuation be ordered.
  • Have a single designated family contact should evacuation and family separation take place.
  • Have a plan with an alternative location to live in the event of a disaster, such as prolonged power outage or an uninhabitable home.
  • Remember to bring prescription medications and eyeglasses if evacuated.
  • Household members should know how to turn off water, electric, and gas to their home.
  • A three day supply of food and water should be kept.
    • Three gallons of water per person, per day is recommended.
    • Store food such as canned food which require little or no water, and have longer expiration dates.
  • Keep on hand a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, flashlight, fresh batteries, matches, and work gloves.
  • Learn basic safety measures such as CPR and first aid.
  • Have a plan for your pets. For additional information on pet safety please refer to the official FEMA website here.
  • Stay tuned to NOAA weather radio for the latest severe weather information.
  • Family members should dial 911 only in emergencies so ensure everyone in your family knows what is considered an "emergency". For example: a loss of power from an outage is not an emergency; however, a downed power line would be considered an emergency. Everyone should know the non-emergency contact number for Sea Girt: (732) 449-7300. Non-emergency police matters (732) 449-9335 ext. 15.

For more information on disaster planning, please refer to the official FEMA website and click on the "Prepare for Disaster and Assemble Supplies" tab.