Privacy Notice

The Borough of Sea Girt collects and stores the following information about visitors to the website: the Internet network address (i.e., a numeric representation of the domain name, not an e-mail address) from which the website was accessed and the date and time of access. This information is used for such purposes as, measuring the number of visitors to different pages of the site and the areas of the world from which the web site is being accessed.

We use "cookies" in a very limited manner. A "cookie" is a text file containing information about a user which is stored by a web server on a user's computer without their knowledge or consent. There are two types of "cookies", persistent and session. Persistent cookies are stored on the user's computer for generally long periods of time (days, weeks, or months). Session cookies are stored in a temporary location, remain in the user's computer for short periods of time (hours or minutes), and are automatically deleted when the user closes down the browser or reboots the computer. We may use session cookies if they benefit the user.

The Borough of Sea Girt will not contact any person who submits any e-mail address for any purpose other than the original intended communication. E-mail addresses will not be disclosed to a third party unless required by law.