Crescent Park Stewardship Plan

Property Location & Directions

The subject property is located one block in from the ocean, approximately midway between the northern and southern extents of Sea Girt Borough as shown in blue on the map below. The parcel is bound to the west by a road called The Crescent, and is bound in the east by private residences that lie between the park and the oceanfront. Crescent park is most easily accessed from 1st Avenue, which cuts through the eastern half of the park and includes a number of pull-offs for parking. The adjacent beachfront residences are also accessed via 1st Avenue, with driveways extending through the east side of the park.

Property Background and History

Historical accounts indicate that the area known as Sea Girt consisted primarily of cultivated farmland throughout much of the 1800's. However, the harsh conditions and nutrient poor soils directly adjacent to the ocean are typically poorly suited to row cropping, and were undoubtedly left as maritime forest cover. Forests were also maintained along the coast to provide a buffer from the direct effects of high winds and sea surges during storm events. The town's motto "Where the Cedars Meet the Sea" suggest at least anecdotal evidence of the significance of forests to the area. The borough of Sea Girt was established from Wall Township in 1917, and its origins can be traced to the Sea Girt Improvement Corporation, which had purchased the land to develop a speculative resort community. Aerial imagery from the 1930's confirms that although a network of roads had been established in the borough, much of the uplands along the beachfront was still undeveloped and remained largely in forest cover at the time.

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