Monmouth County Assessment Demonstration Program Update

Notice to Residents

In 2013, Governor Christie signed into law P.L. 2013, c.15, establishing the Assessment Demonstration Program in Monmouth County. As per P.L. 2013, c.15, all municipalities in Monmouth County have been required to conduct property inspections of 20% of the Borough's properties on an annual basis. Realty Data Systems (RDS) was contracted to perform interior and exterior inspections for the Borough of Sea Girt. The inspections will begin in the upcoming days/weeks for the designated property owners to whom notification cards have already been sent.

The inspectors work between 9:00am and dusk (Mon - Sat) unless a homeowner has made an early evening appointment to inspect the interior. All inspectors wear RDS logo shirts and high-visibility vests with "PROPERTY INSPECTOR" printed on the tail, and carry photo ID badges. The inspection consists of taking photographs (with a tablet), knocking on doors to inspect the interior with a homeowner or adult permission, walking the properties (including rear yards) to perform exterior inspection, as well as sketching the structures.

If there is no answer at the door, a blue door hanger explaining the purpose of the visit and instructions to contact the inspector for an appointment is left on the door knob (or under a door mat if necessary), and the inspector will continue the exterior inspection, including entering the rear of the property. Inspectors will not go through locked gates, but will enter an unlocked gate/fence to access the rear of the property and verify the sketch of the structure.

It is recommended that owners allow the inspector access as to ensure that all the data gathered is correct.

Please be advised that the inspectors are conducting inspections to verify the record. The valuation of your property is done in-house by the assessor.

Please do not hesitate to call my office with any questions - (732) 449-9433, ext. 110 or ext. 111 to leave a message; you may also email me: click here.